Property Maintenance

MMB Developments Ltd utilise its considerable experience gained in property development to offer our clients both a pro-active & reactive property maintenance service that can deal effectively with general maintenance and defect related works for our clients assets.

Our experienced team can quickly and efficiently assess defects and repair requirements and provide our clients with specifically tailored maintenance advice to suit their individual requirements.

Our own experience and where necessary, our strategic partnerships with industry leading specialists ensures that whatever the issue, you can be assured that we can provide the correct advice for any given situation and provide our clients with a a single point of contact for all their maintenance needs.

We are able to provide accurate budgets and forecasts as part of pro-active preventative maintenance programme or a reactive service when individual defects or repair are required. We appreciate the importance of pre-established service charge budgets in the funding and recovery of costs and work with clients to specifically tailor our advice to reflect these factors and budgetary constraints.

We are able to recommend the scope, procurement route and implementation of the work method that ensures all financial, technical and logistical constraints are met and in keeping with our clients management strategy of the asset.

Our property maintenance service is available to clients and their assets throughout Central Scotland and beyond depending on scope - please contact us if you require further information.

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