RetroFoam™ Wall Insulation

What is RetroFoam™

RetroFoam™ is a next generation insulating foam product that is ideally suited to both timber frame and more traditional brick or block cavity wall construction that can be installed without the requirement to remove the old insulation.

35% of the heat that you produce in your home is lost through the external walls in your property - by using RetroFoam™ you will not only dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your home, you will also substantially reduce your energy bills.

Furthermore, RetroFoam™ is easy to install and typically half the cost of other comparative solutions for the insulation of your home.

How it Works

RetroFoam™ Installation Process

If your are interested in fitting RetroFoam™ the first thing you need to do is contact us to arrange a free , no obligation site survey which will be carried out by one of our trained surveyors.

On the day of installation our specialist technicians will arrive and prior to commencing work, one of our team will do a walkround with the homeowner / businessowner to take a register of any existing defects to the property.

The installation process generally takes place from outside the building. Small holes are drilled at various heights around the perimeter of the property into which the foam is directly injected into the void / wall cavity. This method ensures that the property owner suffers minimal disruption

The whole process takes no longer than a day for the average sized property, once completed our technicians will fill the drill holes with a suitable material and provide the property owner with a guarantee for the work just carried out.

Benefits of using RetroFoam™

  • Ideal for "hard to treat" timber frame buildings
  • Eliminates air leakage paths reducing draughts
  • Improves wall insulation qualities, keeps heat in and cold out
  • Reduces noise through the walls by up to 50db
  • Increases structural integrity by up to 30 mins in the event of fire
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Comes complete with insurance backed guarantee
  • Stays in place without sagging, lasts as long as the building
  • Resists mould and pests
  • External installation, preserves your homes interior decoration
  • Class 1 fire resistant when sheeted with plasterboard
  • Is vapour permeable allowing your walls to breath
  • No requirement to remove old insulation
  • Typically half the cost of comparable solutions

Cost Savings

Available for all wall construction types, RetroFoam™ is by far the most cost efficient and successful retrofit solution for cavity insulation for timber frame construction dwellings in the UK today.

When compared to the alternative of stripping out fixtures, removing plasterboard and skirtings, replacing sub-standard insulation and then replacing everything there really is no cost comparison, this becomes even more apparent when when redecoration costs are taken into account.

Not only is RetroFoam™ likely to be minimally half the cost, the disruption caused carrying out the work described above would have a major impact on any household.

Visit the RetroFoam UK Website

If you would like more information or advice about our RetroFoam Insulation product, please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our specialists or visit our RetroFoam UK website for a more in-depth look at the product.